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How to Setup Streamlabs OBS According to Your Internet Speed


Streamlabs can be tricky to use especially when you have a slower internet connection. In this blog, I am going to guide you on how to setup streamlabs obs according to your internet speed. Streamlabs OBS is software that allows you to go live on various streaming platforms with plenty of free services that everyone needs while live streaming.

Streamlabs OBS is widely used to stream on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch. and it provides all the options and features you need to go live with ease. This can show a pop-up message when someone \”Super-Chat\” to you or if someone \”Subscribe\” to your channel. As you see every grown YouTuber has on their channel. It also has plenty of more services like these that you come to know when you start using it.

How to Setup Streamlabs OBS According to your Internet Speed

First, you need to download Streamlabs OBS.

After downloading Streamlabs OBS you need to sign in with your broadcasting platform account. then you need to click next a few times to get it running.


Now you need to consider a few things like what Internet speed do you have. check your current internet speed here. then consider the following chart according to your internet:

  • Under 1 MBPS: 350 – 500 Bitrate
  • 1.5 to 5 MBPS: 500 – 800 Bitrate
  • Over 5 MBPS: 1000 – 2000 Bitrate

Now go to settings > Output > Under \”Streaming\” set \”Video Bitrate\” respectively. And leave everything else as default and come back to the default screen.


Creating Scenes:

Now you need to Create Scenes in Streamlabs OBS, Scenes are the set of windows that you want to stream at one time. You can create a Scene by pressing the \”+\” Sign on the left-bottom section of Streamlabs OBS as you can see in the picture below:


Adding Source to the Scene

When creating a Scene you need to add a capture source which will be the windows or Game you want to scream by clicking the \”+\” sign on the right-side section labeled as \”Source\”.


Click the \”+\” Button Select what source you want to add, If you want your entire screen to get captured click on \”Display Capture\” in this menu or if you want to just capture your Game Windows the click on \”Game Capture\”. After clicking the desired option you will see a drop-down list where you will find your desired window.

Note that you also need to add your Audio Sources and Microphones into your source in order to be audible in your live stream.

Add Alert Boxes

Add alert boxes and all you need in your stream to show up and set their location by simply drag and drop.

Now you are ready to click on the \”Go Live\” button on the bottom-right corner of Streamlabs OBS. But you need to set up a few things on your streaming platform.

How to setup streamlabs obs \”Live Stream\” on YouTube

Go to \”YouTube Studio\” and click \”Create\” in the upper-right corner then click on \”Go Live\”. Fill out the information about your stream. Set a description. Upload a Custom Thumbnail, and Select the game you want to stream there and then Click \”Create Stream\”. YouTube will show you a streaming screen that will receive all the information from Streamlabs OBS. As soon as you reach that window press the \”Go Live\” button in your Streamlabs OBS. YouTube will show the details that it is receiving the information from your Streamlabs. Now you are absolutely ready to go live. Whenever you are ready just press the \”Go Live\” button on your YouTube Window to start Your Stream.

Now start playing your game and open that YouTube Live page on another device like on your mobile to read your chats and etc.

That\’s all for today if you have any questions or if you didn\’t understand anything in this article or if you want to ask something regarding this. Feel free to email us here or just simply comment your query down below and I\’ll get back to you as soon as possible. You can visit our homepage and navigate around.

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